JB Talent "More than just management"

The JB Talent symbol is a diamond, representing the many facets of our company that work together to ensure career success and longevity for our diverse circle of clients.

is representing international stars of music, stage, screen, and professional sports by establishing a market for them in the United States. All clients infuse their talent with the importance of charity work and social responsibility not just for the almighty dollar but for the good of humanity.

What we offer

• Discounted accommodations in NY, Boston,
Fort Lauderdale, Miami, South Africa, and Norway.
• Private On Camera training for developing TV personalities.
• Talent Reel Produced by Humanity Pride Productions.
• TV Pilot development and Packaging to be represented by Humanity Pride Productions.
• Personal branding and logo by professional graphic designers.
• Product development and merchandising for placement with commercial retail partners and online sales.
• 24 hour Social Networking on twitter and facebook
• Website development and branding.
• Placement in News Media, Collective Social Networking, Print Media, and Moving Media.
• Product placement in NYC-JC Guest Suites Hotel.


one year

Celebrating one year JBTalent